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20 Aug 2012 by Paz, Comments Off on Writing Services

I’ve spent all my working life writing for the online and print media.

When it comes to online media, I’ve been an in-house writer for Bigpond Sport, the SBS website, the culture news website Arts Hub, the Australian publishing industry’s Weekly Book Newsletter and IFACCA, the electronic bulletin of the International Federation of Arts Council and Culture Agencies. As to print media, I’ve been a regular journalist for Inspire, the monthly magazine of the Victorian Education Department and Australian Bookseller and Publisher magazine. My work has also appeared in the Sunday Herald Sun, the Adelaide Advertiser, the Australian Book Review, the Sunday Times and the Courier Mail.

I’ve also scripted a TV advertisement and produced promotional material and information brochures for a vast number of small businesses, as well as the Victorian Education Department.

I recently co-wrote “an illustrated history of Bundaberg Rum”, and currently work as Communications Manager at the Harold Mitchell Foundation.

Some examples of my journalism:

AFL Journalism

Greatest Draft Bargains

Superstar Trades that Fizzled

The Six Best Father-Son Picks

The Players Deserve a Fair Go

Are Foreign Recruits a Folly?

De-List: The AFL’s Best Castaways

The Suns are Right to Reach for the Sky

From Recycled Goods to Recycled Greats?

Sending Out an SOS

A Tale of Three Tucks

Grand Old Nag

In the Name of the Father

The Watson Legacy

Peter Hudson: The Goal Factory

Scarlett, White and Blue


Education Journalism

Comedy Just the Shot for Readers

Behind the Screen with Doco Queen

Japanese Teaching Approach Brings Staff Together

A Space Odyssey for Sherbrooke

Them’s Fighting Words!

A New Wave of Engagement


Cricket Journalism

Is One-Day Cricket Doomed?

Cricket’s Worth the Weight

Will Twenty20 Ruin Test Cricket?

DRS Crosses the Line

Why We’re Too Hard on Phil Hughes

Caught Marsh, Bowled Lillee

The Waugh Twins: Peas in a Squad 


Publishing Industry Journalism

Listen Up!

Is Licensing Risky Business?

Aussie v Amazon

Persistence (Sometimes) Pays

So You Want to Be a Bookseller?

Professional Developments



Password Fatigue

Are Young Parents Too Busy To Socialise?

Mens Rights Movement

What Not To Say At a Dinner Party

Other Sports Journalism

Sporting Sinners We Forgave

Six Sporting Hoaxes

The Most Boring Players in Tennis

Tennis’s Biggest Brats

No Excuse For Oscar’s Excuse

Arts Journalism

The Nietzschean Slide

A Hard Woman To Catch

Darwin Director Draws a Circle

Not Recommended for Children

The Beast Within

There’s Something About Cromwell’s

Tim Robbins Takes On Big Brother


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