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David Boon’s Funniest Sporting Moments

7 May 2015 by Paz, Comments Off on David Boon’s Funniest Sporting Moments
David Boon’s Funniest Sporting Moments

Hilarious mishaps and moments from our favorite sports.

‘Unashamedly released for Christmas, this little book delivers what a lazy holiday book should; humour. The publication covers a number of sports with the biggest section covered being cricket. Unfortunately for the avid cricket fan most of the anecdotes mentioned will be familiar but at least they are delivered in a well written and entertaining manner. This is the strength of David Boon’s book, the style and delivery of all the narratives. Each story covered is preceded by an anecdote, all of which are cleverly written and help this book rise well above the average sport humour publication.

So with the lazy Christmas holidays fast approaching, give dad something to chuckle about amongst the socks and undies in his stocking this year, and pick up a copy of David Boon’s Funniest Sporting Moments. It will not disappoint.’

‘Aussie cricket legend and famed larrikin Boony delivers a collection of his funniest sporting mishaps and moments in this witty and amusing almanac. Featuring quotes from soccer, baseball, football, rugby, golf and cricket as well as some miscellaneous gems, and with most of the stories about a page long, it’s a great little book to keep on hand to snatch a few pages of when you have a moment.

Personally, I kept it in the loo until our guests were giggling too much and spending rather a long time in there.’
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Apart from sex and beer and curry and the Beatles and, well, one or two dozen other things, nothing beats the first day of an Ashes Test. But the series just isn’t the same if you miss the first ball.

At one time—according to former England batsman Mike Gatting—the retired English middle-distance runner Sebastian Coe was in danger of doing just that. He’d raced right up to the WG Grace Memorial Gates at Lord’s, only to be informed that his ticket was for entry through the North Gate, all the way over on the other side of the ground.

‘Please let me in here or else I’ll miss the first ball.’

‘No, sir.’

‘Do you know who I am?’

‘No, sir.’

‘I am Sebastian Coe, the Olympic gold medallist and world record breaker in the 800 metres, 1500 metres and the mile.’

‘Oh. Well in that case it shouldn’t take you too long to run round to the North Gate.’


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